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Question 4 - Who would be the audience for your media product?

Question 4: Who would be the audience for your media product?
My magazine was aimed at an audience of radical's, aspirer's and underachiever's who have a keen interest in indie-rock music. It was designed so typically readers would aspire to challenge dominant ideology, similar to the model featured on the front cover. Here she connotes a rebellious image, which was designed to appeal to my target audience as they would aim to look edgy and different like she does. My target audience would ideally be college and university students, with the majority of readers being around the age of 15 - 25. However, it could vary marginally with readers being slightly older or slightly younger.

A stereotypical image of an "indie music listener"
I published copies of the front cover, contents and double page spread on the social networking site 'Facebook' and asked my target audience the following questions:
1. Does the front cover interest you? Is it obvious what genre of music the magazine is about?
2. Does the colour scheme correspond with the genre?
3. What catches your eye?
4. Would you buy it?
5. Are the pictures appropriate?
6. What would make the magazine more appealing?
These questions gained responses such as:
"The contents page looks incredably professional! the colour scheme is great, it links well with the front cover and its easy to read the text. I think the editor section catches my eye because of the signature and you would definitely have that in a real magazine. If i was into that music, I would definitely buy this magazine, with the pictures being appropriate. Dont know about the swearing though... it could offend some people.
Overall, AMAZING :)"
"cool stuff. looks very professional"
"1. Font cover does interest me as it looks professional and generally quite cool and there's like intriguing headlines like The Drums one, is kinda obvious what type of music its about because it's kinda grunge looking with Katt swearing and all.
2. Yes
3. The larger fonts catch my eye, pictures, and the little like circles/rectangles over pictures.
4. Yes
5. Sure thang.
6. Not a lot, i don't know. more varying with colour?"

"1) yeah it intrests me and i would say alternative/punk magazine. or maybe rockabilly who knows
2) yeah , nothing more punk/alternative than the colour of blood .
3) the sexy broad with the guitar XD
4) Yeah looks pretty curtis worthy
5) sure is, but i would of prefered more inappropriate ones
6) Free Hat"
"1.Yes because you have kept to the same colour range of red :) and red kinda connotes as like, youthness and indie :) i know what i mean XD Also, can tell its of indie genre because the images including guitars and stuff represents that :)
2. Yess!
3. KATT AND THE NIGHT RIDERS :) and the JUICE CONTENTS sign is rather snazzy
4. Oui :)
5. Yes :) because they attract our age range and stuff. eg, katt with the guitar, and the picture from kings of leon
6. The free hat ;D"
I also filmed some audience research, as it was useful to see their responses to the questions.
Interview with Katt
Name: Katt Wade
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Interests: Playing music, gaming, gigging, smoking, etc.
Interview with Jack
Name: Jack Dugmore
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Interests: Driving, clubbing, drinking, smoking, socialising, etc.
Interview with Becca
Name: Becca Curtis
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Interests: Reading, gigging, drinking, eating subway sandwiches, "gnomes", etc.
Interview with Jess
Name: Jess O'Sullivan
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Interests: Shopping, gigging, playing guitar, smoking, hair dye, etc.

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