Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Audience Research: Results.

In order to get my results, i used the social networking site "facebook", allowing my target audience to view my moodboard and make comments about it. I also picked out various people who i thought would ideally read my magazine, and recorded video's of them giving their opinions about the moodboard and the music that would generally be featured in the magazine.

From my research I've gathered that my moodboard definitely appeals to my target audience, and in the magazine on the whole, they would expect to read about film and fashion as well as just music. My target audience typically share the same kind of interests which are generally featured on the moodboard, making it fairly sucessful. The majority preferred the font displayed saying "festival" on the moodboard. As a result of this, i am definitely going to feature it in my magazine and perhaps use it for the masthead on the front cover. The colour scheme featured (red, white, black and yellow) appealed to the audience on the whole and therefore that will be incorporated into the overall design of the magazine.

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