Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Further Audience Research.

I posted my double page spread and logo ideas on the social networking site "Facebook" to carry out further audience research.

To gain a better idea about which logo would be best featured in the magazine, i asked my ideal audience to chose their favourite out of four ideas.

There was a mixed response to the fonts. The first logo in "Star Avenue" font and the third logo in "Fh Ugly" font were the most popular, and gained responses as follows:
"The third one, it's all quirky and cool and i like the colour combo of green and yellow."
"Third one down is my favourite. It's kinda fun and more informal."
"I think the best would be either the top or the 3rd one down - because the top one looks alot glossier but the 3rd is quirky and edgy."
"The top one, because it's yellow and when i think of juice I think yellow and it looks jolly."
Double Page Spread
To find out if my double page spread plan was sucessful, i asked my target audience the following questions:
Would the contents of this double page spread interest you and why?
What sort of band information would you like?
What kind of film would you like to be featured?

Ideally, the audience wanted quirky bands to be featured on it, with a mix of tour dates and album information. They would also like interesting films to be featured, examples given were films such as the "Breakfast Club" because it is unique and different.

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