Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Initial Planning.

This is the initial draft of the front cover. It shows a basic idea about what is going to be featured on the front cover, the colour schemes that are going to be incorporated and other details, such as the title of the magazine and what the main sell is going to be.

This is a rough sketch of the layout for the contents page. It will feature the logo incorporated on the front cover, and the other text on the page will correspond to the colour scheme featured on the front cover too. It will basically summarise what is going to be printed in the magazine, as well as providing additional information like how to subscribe.

This is a rough idea about what the double page spread is going to contain. There will be various photos featured on this spread, as well as lots of information about upcoming events, music and film. This was produced as a response to the audience research, as this is what my ideal audience would want to read about.

Logo Ideas.

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  1. Great, you could do some more audience research with this.